Contract Packaging - SLM is now offering contract packaging services to customers using SLM packaging. Your products can be packed in SLM packaging, cartoned and prepared for shipment to distribution warehouses all under one roof. You can now have a one-stop location for your clear packaging and contract packaging needs.

Prototyping - Do you have a clear plastic packaging concept that you want to see a prototype of? SLM Manufacturing Corp. has packaging engineers on staff that can help you realize your packaging concept through our in-house prototyping service. Call SLM to receive a price quote for your prototyping project.

Package Design Service - Are you looking for a transparent package for your product? SLM will find the perfect clear package for your product. Just send a sample of your product to SLM and they will develop a clear package design for your product that is sure to catch the eye of your consumers.

Thermoforming and Injection Mold Design - SLM has an in-house tool shop that has years of experience in the production of injection and thermoforming molds for plastic components and packaging. If you are in the process of developing a new plastic packaging component and need help with the development of a mold then give the experts at SLM Manufacturing a call.

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